Terms and Conditions EasyToys Loyalty Programme

1. General

  1. These terms and conditions apply to EDC Retail loyalty points saved on EasyToys.

  2. It concerns an online loyalty points system on EasyToys.

  3. By participating in the loyalty points programme, participants agree to the terms and conditions as described on this page.

2. Participation

  1. Participation in the loyalty points programme of EDC Retail is open to all customers of EasyToys.

  2. Participation in the loyalty points programme is free of charge.

  3. EDC Retail (organiser) and the participants in the loyalty points programme are bound by the contents and provisions of these terms and conditions.

  4. Customers of EasyToys have the possibility to create an account on EasyToys by entering their data during the ordering process and providing a password for their personal account.

  5. Personal data must be filled in truthfully.

  6. Only fully completed data can be used to activate an EasyToys loyalty programme.

  7. Data concerning the personal account will not be released to third parties.

  8. EDC Retail has the right to refuse an account application.

  9. EDC Retail has the right to delete an account in case of abuse.

  10. The personal activated account can be accessed online at all times and the participant can log in by means of e-mail address in combination with a personally given password.

3. EDC Points

  1. Participants with an EasyToys account automatically receive loyalty points in their account. Points are awarded when the order is paid & shipped.

  2. Points are only awarded for orders that have already been paid for and have been shipped.

  3. Points are only awarded to activated accounts.

  4. Points will not be awarded for paid orders made in the past.

  5. Saved points cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be spent online at EasyToys.

  6. Saved points are valid for 24 months.

  7. Saved points are not transferable between accounts.

  8. You can bet a maximum of 500 points at once. 

4. Points

  1. On EasyToys, every pound/euro spent is worth 1 EDC Point. Points are only awarded after payment and shipment of the order and are only credited to activated accounts.

  2. No loyalty points are awarded for shipping and handling costs.

  3. 1 EDC savings point has a value of 3 pence/euro cents, which can only be spent online at EasyToys.

  4. When items are returned, the points awarded will be deducted from the points balance.

  5. Only points will be refunded for returned items paid for with points.

  6. Saved EDC points can no longer be spent if the EDC account is no longer active.

  7. EDC Retail may occasionally award extra points as part of special offers; these extra points will be deducted from the points balance for returned orders.

  8. Savings points cannot be redeemed simultaneously in combination with other discount offers by EasyToys.

5. Privacy

  1. Participants must provide correct and complete personal details.

  2. Participants providing incorrect information will be excluded from participation.

  3. By participating in the savings programme, participants agree that their data may be used for EasyToys mailings.

  4. Personal data provided by participants will be included in the EDC Retail database. This database is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act.

  5. Personal data will never be provided to third parties, unless written permission has been granted.

6. Final provisions

  1. EDC Retail is at all times authorised to discontinue and/or change the action conditions relating to the savings system, without prior notice and without stating reasons.

  2. In cases not covered by the action conditions, the Organiser will decide.

  3. For other questions, please contact the EDC Retail customer service department.

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