We always strive for customer satisfaction and excellent service. Of course, it can happen that an item is defective, does not function properly or that there is another problem with a product. Below you will find more information about the warranty on our items.

Legitimate complaint

Warranty only applies when the complaint is well-founded. The complaint is well-founded if it is not caused by:

  • damage due to intent or negligence (for example, water, fall and/or impact damage).
  • improper use or negligent maintenance.
  • normal wear and/or damage due to non-observance or incorrect observance of the operating instructions.

When handling product complaints, we naturally follow the law. The legal warranty means that a product must do what you can reasonably expect from it.

EasyToys.com gives a minimum of 30 days warranty on all items that you buy from us.

For some items, a more extensive manufacturer's warranty applies. The terms and content of this manufacturer's warranty can be found - if applicable - in the user manual of the product.

A possible factory warranty never detracts from the legal warranty.

EasyToys.com with us you can easily exchange and return.

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